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Commercial & Domestic oil press machine

About Oil Press Machines

Looking to extract oil from the nuts and seeds for your business or at your home? Imperium oil machines are a perfect solution. It allows you to seamlessly extract oil from a wide variety of nuts and seeds. The oil extraction process using Imperium oil machines is really simple and efficient, allowing you to extract the healthiest and purest oil to lead a healthier life.

How Imperium Oil Machines Work?

Imperium oil machine is designed to extract oil from nuts and seeds with ease. Once you complete the assembly of the machine, you can start the oil extraction process. The process is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is add your nuts or seeds into the machine, press the start button, and watch as the oil is extracted. Our machine is designed to extract oil quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you get the highest quality oil possible. You can always refer to the user manual or video training to learn how to operate your Imperium oil press machine.

Types of Edible Oil Machines

There are different types of oil machines, each having its own unique way of extracting oil. This is what differentiates them from the rest. Let’s discover the different types of cooking oil machines you can use:

  • Screw Press Oil Expeller: These are one of the most commonly used oil machines used for extracting oil. The oil is extracted using the screw that presses the seeds and nuts under high pressure to extract the oil. These machines are simple to use, require low maintenance and ensure that the oil retains its nutritional value. 
  • Hydraulic Oil Press Machine: These machines use a hydraulic press to extract oil from the seeds and nuts. It can extract oil from a wide range of seeds and materials including coconut, sesame, sunflower, peanut etc.
  • Solvent Extraction Machine: These machines use solvents like hexane for extracting oil from the seeds and materials. Solvent extractors are usually used for large-scale production of oil. They are also beneficial for extracting oil from materials having low oil content.
  • Cold Press Oil Machine: Cold press oil machines use the hydraulic press for extracting oil from the seeds and nuts at low temperatures. The oil produced by cold press oil machines is rich in nutrients as the process does not involve chemical solvents or high temperatures that can affect the nutritional content.
  • Hot Press Oil Machine: Unlike cold press oil machines, hot press oil machines use hydraulics to extract the oil from the seeds and nuts at high temperatures. These machines are ideal for producing large quantities of oil. However, the oil produced through hot-press oil machines is low in nutritional content as compared to cold-press oil machines.

Purpose of Oil Machines

The Imperium oil machines can be broadly classified into two categories:

  • Domestic Oil Machine: Domestic oil press machines are perfect for your home use. They are compatible and quite affordable and can be used for all your household needs. You can extract a wide variety of oil using the Imperium domestic oil maker machine. Domestically produced oil carries a higher nutritional content than ready-to-purchase oil. Further, you can even venture into a small-scale oil manufacturing business if you desire so.
  • Commercial Oil Machine: Commercial oil machines are meant for full fledged oil manufacturing businesses. They have a higher oil production capacity than the domestic oil maker. Like domestic oil machines, Imperium commercial oil press machines also allow you to extract oil from a wide variety of seeds and nuts. These are durable and highly efficient with high-speed motors to speed up your oil production. Further, commercial oil press machine price is quite affordable with Imperium Ventures.

Use Cases of Oil Machines

Imperium oil machines come with a variety of use cases. These include:

  • Food Industry: Oil maker machines are key for the food industry. They allow producing nutrition-rich oil that can be used in restaurants, hotels, cloud kitchens and any other food outlet.
  • Cosmetics Industry: Edible oils are a key raw material for most of the skincare and hair care products. Further, they are used for the manufacturing of soaps, shampoos as well as cosmetic products.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Edible oils are rich in vitamins and other important nutrients. They can be used to produce various health supplements.

Household Purposes: Edible oil machines can be key equipment for household and personal use, especially the rural and semi-urban areas. They allow the manufacture of nutrition-rich oil that can be consumed as well as sold in the local market. Further, they can also be used as a hair and skincare routine.

How to Select the Best Oil Machine?

Choosing the best oil maker machine for your home or business might be tricky. However, if you follow the below tips, you can get the best oil machine for extracting high-quality oil.

  • Capacity: Firstly, you need to determine the capacity at which you need to produce oil. If your production requirements are low, then you can go ahead with a domestic oil machine. However, if you want to produce huge quantities of oil, then it’s better to go for a high-capacity commercial oil machine.
  • Power Source: Oil machines can be operated using electricity, diesel or even manual labour. Where you will be installing your oil maker machine becomes important here. If you have an adequate power supply, then you should select an electric oil machine.
  • Price: This is the foremost parameter before you select an oil extraction machine. You need to decide on your budget and then search for the best options available within your budget.

Reputation of the Dealer: You should always purchase the oil extraction machine from a reputed dealer. They not only provide high-quality and durable oil machines but also provide premium customer support service.

Why Imperium Oil Machines?

Well, oil machines have a lot of utility and Imperium machines are a perfect fit for all the above purposes. Imperium Ventures brings best-in-class oil machines in all budget ranges to suit your every oil manufacturing needs. Here’s why Imperium oil machines have been a preferred choice among customers:

  • Quality: Imperium Ventures takes pride in providing the highest quality and durable oil makers. The machines are highly durable with a long shelf life.
  • Premium Customer Support: Being a customer of Imperium Ventures allows you to receive a premium customer support service. We strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied not only at the time of purchase but in the future as well. In case you face any issues with, or have any questions about Imperium oil machines, we are just a call away!
  • Machines for All: You can select the oil extraction machine from a wide range of machines that caters to the needs of all our customers. From household use to commercial purposes, screw press to cold press, you get a lot of options to choose from. Further, Imperium houses machines across all budget ranges. You can always get the best oil machine in your desired budget range.
  • Competitive Prices: Wondering about the oil machine price? Worry no more! You can get the highest quality and durable oil extraction machines at the most competitive prices.
  • Easy to Use: Our machines are built to last and are designed to make the oil extraction process simple and efficient. You can also find the tutorial on our website to learn how to use your Imperium oil machine.

 When you buy from us, you can be confident that you're getting the best-in-class oil press machine available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of nuts and seeds can I use with the Imperium oil machine?

A: Our oil maker machine can extract oil from a wide variety of nuts and seeds. These include almonds, walnuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and many more.

Q: Is the oil machine easy to clean?

A: Yes. Imperium oil press machines are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe down the machine after use to keep it clean and in good condition. Click here to know the maintenance tips for your oil machines.

Q: Can I use the oil machine for commercial purposes?

A: Yes. We offer both oil machines for both domestic and commercial purposes. Further, you can find oil machines at different budget ranges to meet your production requirements.

Q: Does the oil machine come with a warranty?

A: Yes. Imperium machines come with a one-year warranty to ensure that you do not face any hurdles in rare occurrences of mechanical failure.

Q: How long does it take to extract oil with the oil machine?

A: Our oil machine is designed to extract oil quickly and efficiently. Depending on the type of nuts or seeds you're using, you can extract up to 6 litres of oil per hour. Further, the quantity of oil that you can extract varies according to the type of Imperium oil machine that you are using.

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