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4 Industries Fuelled by Edible Oil Machines in India

Oil is a basic necessity in most of our products. Forget about cooking food, they also have other industrial applications like producing soaps, biofuels, lubricants, paints, medical purposes etc. Edible oil machines in India are essential equipment in the food industry for processing oil from oilseeds such as sunflower, soybeans, groundnuts, and many more. They are used in different industries, including food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. Let’s take a detailed look at the industries where edible oil machines can be used.

Key Highlights

  • Vegetable oil has industrial applications in multiple industries.
  • They act as green solvents in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Indian vegetable oil is 4th largest in the world after the US, China and Brazil.
  • India produces 25 million tons of oil seeds, becoming one of the highest producers of the world.
  • As per the data from the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Oilseeds Division, India’s oil import dependency is expected to reduce from 52% in 2021-22 to 23% in 2030-31.
  • Many households prefer setting up their own cooking oil machines for home to manufacture oil for personal consumption and supply it to local vendors or distributors as well.

Industry Application of Edible Oil Machines

Following are the different industries that use edible oil machines in India:

  • Food Processing Industry

The food processing industry is one of the primary users of edible oil machines. The machines are used in the production of vegetable oil, cooking oil, margarine, and other edible oils. It uses different types of machines depending on the raw materials used and the end product desired. For instance, a continuous solvent extraction plant is used for extracting oil from oilseeds such as soyabeans. Further, a screw press machine is used for small-scale oil production.

  • Cosmetics Industry

Edible oil machines are also used in the cosmetics industry. They are used for the production of skincare and hair care products. You will find edible oil in most of the cosmetic products. These include soaps, cosmetics, shampoos etc. For instance, argan oil, which is used in many cosmetic products, is extracted using a cold-pressed oil machine. Other edible oils used in cosmetic products include coconut oil, palm oil, and olive oil etc.

  • Pharmaceuticals Industry

The pharmaceuticals industry also uses edible oil machines in the production of medicines, vitamins and supplements. For instance, fish oil, which is a source of omega-3 fatty acids, is extracted from fish using an edible oil machine. The extracted oil is then used to produce supplements that help prevent heart disease and other health conditions. Further, vegetable oil has various industrial applications in the pharma industry. They act as a green solvent in the pharma industry. For instance, they are used for microencapsulation, extracting solvent of bioactive components, self-emulsifying drug delivery etc. 

  • Agriculture Industry

Edible oil machines are also used in the agriculture industry for the production of biofuels. This is one of the great applications of edible oil. For instance, biodiesel is produced by processing vegetable oil or animal fat using an edible oil machine. The machine helps convert the oil or fat into biodiesel, which can then be used as fuel for diesel engines.

  • Personal Use

Edible oil machines are also used for personal use. This especially happens in the rural areas where people grow their oilseeds. The machines help individuals extract oil from their oilseeds for personal use. Further, people also sell oil produced in the local market. Producing oil and selling it to local vendors or distributors has become a great business opportunity for rural, semi-urban as well as urban areas. It is also a great opportunity for women who want to earn in the comfort of their homes. You just need to install a cooking oil machine for home to start your business. With minimal investment and a pinch of hard work, you can generate a good source of income.

In a Nutshell

Edible oil machines are essential equipment and have applications in various industries. This is primarily because edible oil is a predominant component in many of the products. Thus, it has various industrial applications in industries like food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, agriculture etc. Further, it also presents a great opportunity to start your own oil production business.

Imperium oil machines help process oil from different types of oilseeds, including soybeans, sunflowers, groundnuts, and many more. Depending on the industry and the desired end product, different types of machines can be used. It has been a preferred choice for the manufacturers of oil for different industries. It’s important to choose the right machine for your needs to ensure efficient oil extraction and product quality. You can use Imperium oil machines for home use as well. The cooking oil machine price in India is quite affordable. Start your oil business now with Imperium Oil machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In which industry is the oil mill business involved?

A: The oil mill business in itself is a separate industry. The oil manufactured can be used for various industries like pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agriculture, food processing etc.

Q: Can we start our own oil manufacturing business from home?

A: Yes. You can start your own oil manufacturing business from home after installing Imperium oil machines. They are affordable and easy to use and maintain. You can select the seeds from which you wish to manufacture oil and start supplying to local customers, stores and distributors.

Q: Which industries use the most oil?

A: Edible oil has applications for multiple industries. It is mostly used in the food processing industry. Other industries include cosmetics, pharma and agriculture.

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