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7 Steps to Start Your Own Oil Manufacturing Business at Home

Starting a business can be a challenging yet rewarding venture, especially if it’s something you’re passionate about. If you are looking for a profitable and sustainable business idea, cooking oil manufacturing business idea could be the perfect fit for you. It is especially suitable for homemakers and women who wish to start their own ventures. But what does it take to start your own small scale cooking oil business? What steps should you follow? Let’s dive deeper!

Key Highlights

  • Oil is a basic necessity in almost all our food preparation recipes.
  • The initial investment to start your oil business at home is as low as Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2 lakhs.
  • Starting an oil manufacturing business at home is very cost-effective and an ideal business opportunity for women.
  • Oil manufactured at home is fresh, rich in nutrition and retains antioxidants.
  • Manufactured oil can be sold to local customers, local stores, restaurants etc.

How to Start Cooking Oil Business from Home?

Here’s a step-by-step process to starting cooking oil manufacturing business at home:

  1. Conduct Market Research

Got a cooking oil business idea? Before starting any business, it is important to research the market to determine the demand for your product. To start cooking oil business from home is one thing but you need to determine the market for it. You can start by identifying your target market. This could be individuals, households, restaurants, or small-scale retailers. Visit your nearby stores and households. This will help you know the market for your homemade oil.

  1. Obtain Necessary Licences and Permits

Starting an edible oil manufacturing business requires obtaining the necessary licences and permits from the local government. You need to inquire about the necessary permits and licences needed to start a home-based cooking oil manufacturing business. You can contact professionals to assist you with regulatory permissions. Obtaining these licences isn’t much time taking.

  1. Identify Your Raw Materials

Here comes the operational part. You need to determine the type of oil you will be manufacturing. There are various oil seed options available to you. The main raw material needed for the production of edible oil is oilseeds such as sunflower, sesame, mustard, cottonseed, groundnut, and soybean. You can purchase these seeds from local farmers or wholesalers. It is important to ensure that the seeds you buy are of good quality and have high oil content. This can become a strong point for marketing your oil to the customers.

  1. Install Necessary Equipment

Edible oil manufacturing requires specific equipment for processing the raw materials into the oil. These include a seed cleaner, a crushing machine, an oil expeller, and a filtration unit. Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy all these separately. Imperium oil machines come with a complete set of equipment to kickstart your oil manufacturing business. These machines are quite cost-effective and can be easily assembled at home. Ensure that you choose the equipment that meets your production capacity needs.

  1. Set up Your Production Workspace

Once you have obtained the necessary permits and purchased the equipment, you will need to set up your workspace. You can start cooking oil manufacturing business from a room at your home. Ensure that your workspace is clean, well-ventilated, and free of contaminants. It just needs to be spacious enough to allow storage of your raw materials and finished products.

  1. Start Your Production

Time to begin your oil manufacturing! After you have everything in place, you can begin with the oil production. You should start by cleaning and crushing the seeds for extracting the oil. You need to use the Imperium grinder or expeller to extract the oil from the crushed seeds. The filtration unit in the oil machine will help remove any impurities in the oil. Being a consumption item, you should ensure that you follow proper hygiene practices to maintain the quality of your oil.

  1. Packaging and Marketing Your Oil

Once you have produced your edible oil, you need to pack it in a clean and attractive container. You can pack oil in different quantities and sell it directly to the customers or suppliers at the stores in your locality. Further, you should label your product with all the necessary information such as the manufacturing date, expiry date, ingredients, and nutritional value. For marketing, you need to develop a marketing strategy that will help you reach your target audience. You can use online marketplaces or local retailers to sell your product.

In a Nutshell

Starting a cooking oil manufacturing business from home is not difficult if you are ready to put in a bit of hard work and are dedicated. You just need to do the initial research in your locality and get the right equipment on hand to begin your business journey. With a minimum investment, you can reap maximum benefits from your business. Imperium oil machines have been a catalyst for producing oil at home. It’s easy to assemble and extract oil. Further, you get all the warranty and maintenance support to ensure no obstacles during your journey. Start your business now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the edible oil business profitable in India?

A: If you run the business sustainably, then the edible oil business is profitable with a low amount of initial investment. You can reinvest these profits in the business to further expand your operations.

Q: How to start cooking oil business from home?

A: To start cooking oil business from home, you need to do initial research to determine the market. For purchasing raw materials, you can directly contact your local vendors or farmers. You can order Imperium oil machines to set up all the equipment at your home. Once you are confirmed with the market and complete your setup, you can begin manufacturing oil.

Q: Which edible oil is most demanded?

A: This might vary in different regions. As per a survey conducted in April 2022, 25% of households use sunflower oil for cooking. But you should research in your locality to find which oil is most used in your town or city.

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