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Benefits of Milling Your Own Flour at Home

Benefits of Milling Your Own Flour at Home

Benefits of Milling Your Own Flour at Home


Fresh is the best. Fresh flour is also best. Fresh flour can be made at home by grinding grain. It is high in vitamins and nutrients and has amazing flavor.

The wheat’s nutrition is exposed once it has been broken open. The longer the flour is left to rest, the more nutrition ‘escape’.

Freshly milled flour is the best way to use wheat at its highest nutritional peak.


#1: Freshly Milled Flour is More Nutritious

Wheat hold their nutrition completely intact, right up until the point at which they are broken open i.e. milled and turned into flour.

You can sort of liken it to eating a fruit that has been freshly picked from it’s source. At this point, the fruit will be at the peak of its nutrition. Once you have picked it, it slowly diminishes in nutritional value.

Eating the fruit a few weeks later (or possibly a few months later if you’ve bought it from a store!) is less nutritious than eating it when it’s been freshly picked.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the fruit is bad for you, it simply means it’s not at it’s peak nutritional value. And it’s the same with flour.

It’s one of the reasons why it tastes amazing too! Using flour after it’s had time to age will give you less nutritional value than using it when it’s freshly milled.

#2: Wheat Can Be Cheaper than Flour

Buying wheat can be cheaper than buying the equivalent amount (in weight) of flour. Especially when you buy in bulk. So in the long run, milling your own flour could save you a lot of money.

#3: Freshly Milling Your Grain Often Gives You More Choice

One of the benefits of being able to mill your own flour is opportunity to experiment with any grain you wish, including gluten free grains like lentils, beans, or others that are sometimes difficult to get hold of as a flour in stores.

#4: Freshly Milled Flour Brings Better Flavor

There’s no way to describe this one unless you’ve tried it. But freshly milled flour in bread tastes OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Because the flour is fresh and full of nutrition, it will taste different. You will get the full flavor of the wheat and bring a much more complex tasting flavor of bread than using even the most premium organic flours you can buy.

#5: Wheat Have a Much Longer Shelf Life than Flour

Whole wheat flours bought from a regular store will expire in about 6 months. White flour can last up to a year. But wheat, if left whole until you need them, will last indefinitely as long is it is stored in a dry, cool place.

This is one of the reasons why it’s also possible to save money and buy in bulk. You simply mill what you need, when you need it, and the rest will last a very, very long time.

#6: Milling your Own Flour takes Cooking from Scratch to a Whole New Level!

There’s something amazing about the feeling you get from milling your own flour. The aromas and textures you work with are a whole different experience, and a great one at that.

#7: You Actually Get the Whole Grain of Wheat

This one may sound a little weird, but did you know that when you buy whole wheat flour from the store, it’s not actually the whole wheat you’re getting?

When you buy whole wheat flour, this is basically white flour with some bran added back in. Not necessarily the same bran from your wheat, rather some bran from a batch of the same type of wheat.

Why should you mill your flour yourself? 

  • Quality flour is essential for making delicious homemade bread. 
  • Grinding your own flour is a unique and satisfying experience. 
  • Freshly milled flour is sweeter than store-bought whole wheat flour. 

Home milled flour tastes better and is better for you. And, most importantly, when you mill your own flour, you know exactly what is in it, no hidden or unwanted ingredients. 

When you mill your own flour, the possibilities are endless! Just keep in mind the quality of grains you use determines the quality of flour you’ll end up with. So start with a good quality grain, preferably organic.

Some More Benefits of Milling Your Own Flour at Home

There are many benefits of milling your own flour at home. You will save a lot in terms of money and energy when you mill your own wheat at home. This is because wheat costs much more than other kinds of grains and they are not very easy to mill. The process of milling is time consuming, but it is not a difficult task. It also does not need too much work on your part. Milling your own flour is also good for the environment as you will be cutting down on the use of fossil fuels.

These benefits of milling your own flour at home are all possible if you use an effective mill. If you do not want to go to a market and purchase the equipment that you need, then you can get one right at home. You will only need to get the power supply and some manual work. You will also need a set of milling machines.

There are two kinds of Mills available in the market. Some of the mills available in the market are manual powered, while others are electricity powered. If you are interested in getting a wheat mill for your home, then you should consider buying an electric powered machine. These electric powered wheat mills will not take much of your time.

Wheat milling at home is very beneficial for two reasons. First of all, you will save a lot on the cost of the wheat. When you buy it from the market, you will pay a lot for the flour. With a home mill, you will be able to get your own flour for free. All you need to do is to get the required amount of water and the right kind of grain for milling.

The benefit of these home mills is that it gives you control over the quality of the flour. You will be able to control the moisture, temperature, turn of the rotations and many other factors that influence the quality of the wheat. With this control, you will be able to maintain the quality of your products.

There is another benefit of home-based milling. This benefit is the fact that you will be able to save a lot of time. There is no need to go to a market when you need to buy your flour. You simply have to get on with your tasks. Other than that, you can also work as you please during the day. Just ensure that you take a break periodically.

Finally, one more advantage is that you do not need to spend a huge amount of money for this machine. You can get it for as low as $50 from some local vendors. If you do not have the budget for it, then you can even borrow from a friend or relative. Once it is installed, you will find that you have been saving for a long time.

If you want to start your own business from home, then you should consider getting a grain mill. It is the best way for you to enjoy the benefits of milling your own flour at home. All that you need to do is install the machine in your home-based business and you will be able to earn good money.

Most of these machines come with different settings so that you can choose which kind of milling machine will work best for you. For example, there are those that grind whole grains and those that only grind coarse grains. The settings can also be changed depending on the type of flour you want to mill. Therefore, you have various options when it comes to choosing the right machine for your needs.

When it comes to the benefits of milling your own flour at home, here are a few things for you to remember. First, your family will be healthier. Since you will be getting your food fresh and free of preservatives, your family will be protected against various food-borne diseases. In addition to that, you can also earn good money from it. Most of the home-based businesses today rely on milling flour. Therefore, you can easily follow a successful home-based business that will surely earn you lots of money if you know how to operate it well.

These are just some of the benefits of milling your own flour at home. If you think these are interesting, you might even want to start a home-based business involving flour manufacturing. If you do, you will surely be able to experience the benefits of milling your own flour at home and make money out of it in no time. Besides, having your very own home business is something that you can be proud of. Therefore, you should take it very seriously and give it enough effort so that you will be successful in the end.

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