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Exceptional quality flour grinding with Natraj Hector Flour Mill Machine

For daily use, there is a need for the perfect flour grinding. Natraj Hector Flour Mill Machine is fit for any household, as it is equipped with a dedicated hopper/container with a 6 to 8 Kg/Hr capacity that lets you grind a sufficient quantity of ingredients. Grind flour in separate batches even when you want bulk quantities. Low operational and maintenance cost also makes the device stand out. Flour Mill Machine grinds everything right From Wheat, Rice, Bajari, Maize, Udad, Dhaniya, Haldi, Jowar and Moong, etc. The price is fair as compared to its built quality. The machine is made up of supreme quality materials, ensuring utmost safety with hygiene. Fully automatic chakki comes with an Auto-clean feature that makes it useful.

Systematic operation with the fully equipped flour grinding machine

Auto Start Grinding makes this machine better than numerous others. It starts grinding automatically by sensing the presence of grain. What makes the device perfect in terms of the operation in a home is that it serves as the auto child safety stop machine. That being said, the machine stops grinding on opening the front door during grinding & won’t be operating till the door is closed. Auto Glow Glowing LED lighting will offer you convenience when you open the door. In addition to that, rest assured that auto overload cut-off Grinding stops automatically when the machine gets overloaded (for the protection of the electric motor). Auto Clean Auto clean system will also be cleaning the device at the end of the grinding process. Advanced motor control is also set for putting a control on grain feeding automatically, without any noise.

High-end Flour Mill Machine for larger quantities of grain

Natraj Hector Flour Mill Machine from Imperium ventures comes with 1 HP Single Phase 100% copper winding as well as high energy savings ratings motor that saves almost up to 30% electricity. A domestic flour mill machine equipped with an overload protection system guarantees that the device won’t be vulnerable to severe damage.

Attachments for flour collection include a stainless steel container that makes it easier to collect the grain. The domestic flour mill comes with an Air filter making it easier to operate as per your needs. The flour collection chamber area alongside the hopper side area is covered with stainless steel.

Final words

Natraj Hector Flour Mill Machine with Vacuum cleaner serves in the form of one of the best flour mills that can handle any amount of the grains fed for grinding.

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