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Varied uses of a specialized Oil extraction machine

An oil extraction machine, also referred to as an oil press or expeller, utilizes high pressure and heat to “squeeze” the oils. The machine is the best fit for extracting oil from seeds, nuts without adding any chemicals.

Versatile Oil Extraction Machine

Versatile Oil extraction machines in different styles find use in different industries including the ones manufacturing cooking oils, pet food, biofuel, fragrances, cosmetics, soaps, wood treatments and paint.

Benefits you can expect 

Scientifically Designed machine with Mechanical and Electrical Systems

This oil extraction machine adopts an automation device and requires just some minutes for oil extraction. The oil machine is scientific, the operation is simple, safe and stable.

  • High Material durability and Exquisite Workmanship

As the parts are made of stainless steel, the machine features high hardness, strength, and good abrasion. It ensures continuous operation of high temperature and high pressure. Quality machines serve as automatic oil press machines. 

  • Reasonable Pressing Cage alongside the High Oil Output

Multistage advanced gradual compression makes the pressing chamber pressure perfect for the extraction of the oil.  The machine rapidly separates and isolates the material, automatically controlling the pressing temperature and moisture. That being said, with the machine it becomes easier to soften oil materials to activate oil molecules. Rest assured that the machine will guarantee stable oil pressing and help you get a high oil output.

  • Suitability for All Seasons

With the oil extraction machine, you can rest assured that there won’t be restrictions on climate due to the heating temperature control system. Use it to automatically adjust the oil pressing temperature to achieve perfect oil extraction performance. That said, the machine is fit for all the seasons and climates. 

  • Multi-functional Oil Press 

What makes this machine a perfect option for oil extraction is the fact that it is equipped with a reasonable feeding system to ensure stable and uniform feeding. Also, it further contributes to quick oil pressing speed. press peanut, soybean, sesame seed, rapeseed, sesame, castor, walnut , almonds and other oil crops. This is the best extraction machine that you can rely on for cooking applications.

  • Increased efficiency with high-quality equipment upstream

The new oil expeller works with high performance. The residual with the machine is less and the doubled press’s capacity makes it better than others. When you’re buying a high-quality expeller with a carefully planned design, you can rest assured that the machine will save processors money in the long run. The machine has earned immense recognition for the reduced downtime and increased oil recovery. A high-shear extruder system ensures that the machine will be a reliable, cost-effective investment.

Final words 

The automatic oil press machine has many outstanding features, making it a favorite oil extraction for numerous cooking oil manufacturing plants.
So, buy it today and rest assured of getting a range of benefits.

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