High Quality commercial oil press machine IMP-20 TC

$ 1,569

Weight 53 kg
Dimensions 70 × 29 × 71 cm

15-20 KG/Hr

Motor Power





Food Grade Stainless Steel

Temperature Controller


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1 Year for Electronic Parts 1.5 Years for Motor of the Machine (Warranty does not includes damage of Outer Body of Machine, Screw, Barrel and other Accessories)
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  • Description
    The IMP-20 is a robust and efficient commercial oil machine that can produce high-quality oil from various sources. Its powerful 5.5 KW motor ensure reliable and consistent performance, while its large capacity of 1400-3000 KG/24Hr makes it suitable for use in high-volume production environments. Its sturdy construction and compact design make it easy to operate and maintain, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to produce oil on a commercial scale
  • Additional information

    Conditions for Machine Installation”:

    • The quality and original content of oil plant seeds may vary by location.
    • The daily processing capacity (in tons per 24 hours) is calculated based on a single hot pressing. If cold pressing is used two or three times, the daily capacity will be reduced to half or one-third accordingly. The more times you press, the lower the capacity.
    • Actual capacity and oil yield depend on the operator’s skills, seed characteristics, and types.
    • The machine comes pre-assembled, except for the motor, which is separated for transportation. The customer is responsible for installing the motor and any civil work required, following the company’s guidance.
    • The customer needs to provide gear oil, an electric starter, wire, and tools.
    • Our scope of work does not include electrical connection, installation, erection, or equipment commissioning. However, if you require technical support, the customer must arrange accommodation, food, and travel expenses for our technician, including a priority air ticket.
    • During on-site visits by our technician, the buyer must ensure all safety measures are in place. In the event of any injury or damage, the buyer is responsible for all associated costs.
    • The purchaser should cooperate with the vendor, ensuring a prompt start of work upon the engineer’s arrival. The purchaser is also responsible for any delays not caused by the vendor and must provide all necessary tools for installation.
    • During the warranty period, the seller will replace damaged parts, but delivery charges will be extra. The entire machine will not be replaced. If technician assistance is needed for fitting or site visits after the warranty period, additional charges will apply.
    • The buyer is responsible for transportation and factory insurance.
    • Before purchasing the machine, please thoroughly read the machine’s operation manual.”

    “Cleaning Process”:

    • Start by turning off the power and unplugging the machine.
    • The pressing chamber may still be hot, so wear heat-protective cotton gloves to avoid burns, or wait for at
    • least 30 minutes for the pressing chamber to cool down completely.
    • Press the reverse button to rotate the machine in the opposite direction for 30 seconds. This makes it easier to separate the pressing frame and rod.
    • Always wear gloves when disassembling the pressing frame immediately after extraction. Alternatively, allow the machine to cool down for a while before disassembly.
    • Remove the pressing screw and the chamber.
    • Clean the screw and chamber with cotton cloth.



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